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Expert in transportation

Protrans is an expert, in particular in road and intermodal transportation of liquid chemicals.
With an extensive network of Contractors on Europe and a strong market position, we are a reliable Partner.
We encourage you to know the services we offer with regard to liquid transportation and chemical cleaning, which is the core activity of our company with the same share capital.

IBC Chemical Cleaning

Standard loads
Dangerous goods
Granular materials and loads
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Express loads

Proper choice of the equipment

Transportation of liquid chemicals requires paying special attention to security. Focusing on security is also the core of our firm's corporate culture.
As regards the choice of the equipment, we work and try to meet the most stringent norms. All our trailers and containers are operated from the ground level. Our drivers drive the vehicles within the set hour limits, carrying out orders in accordance with the applicable standards. They are trained in transportation of dangerous goods (ADR).